It seemed that in the very first seconds of the meeting, a very special bond was born between them.․․


It was almost a year ago when the woman came and took the puppy to his forever home.

The dog, named Skippy, was so excited when he first came to his new home.

There was another pet in the family, the turtle Tilly Jean. When these two met, it seemed that an inexplicable bond was born between them.

Both of them were very unique and shared a bond that was special only to them. Every day they couldn’t wait to play with each other again.

They were together almost all the time. Skippy loved to bring his toys and share them with his best friend.

This is how he expresses his love for his friend. They were so happy when they were together.

It was as if Skippy had met his long lost brother and couldn’t stop kissing him.

Their inseparable bond fascinated everyone and the wonderful thing was that it was mutual for them.

Their friendship blossomed day by day. They were looking for ways to be together every day, to spend as much time together as possible.

It was also a real inspiration for their mother, who adored both of them.

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