I Thought Baby Goats Couldn’t Get Any Cuter, But Then I Saw This


If you ever have a bad day, all you need to do to feel better is watch a few videos of goat cubs. Their jumping, jumping joy for life is very contagious. You can not help but smile at all their crazy jokes.

For some reason, goats love to climb. This love, mixed with their natural mischievous nature, will make them climb everything.

Goat farmers have found them in the strangest places, in huts, round grass boulders, brick or stone walls, other animals, fences, and even trees. Many farmers build climbing structures on their pastures to keep them busy and avoid problems.

Who knew horses could be such wonderful nannies?

In this video, Mr. G is lying on his horse pen, relaxing and dormant. Suddenly three young goats appear and start playing and jumping around him.

A brave little boy imagines that he wants to try to reach the top of a giant, breathing, brown “mountain”.

He tries to jump, climb and fall several times but does not give up. He tries from this side, then from that side.

Eventually, he finds outreaches the top. It can be said that he is so proud of himself.

his tail moves, he jumps for joy. She is probably showing off her two little friends inside. During this time, the sick Mr. C remains motionless, allowing the child to have fun.

When the other two goats realize that their friend is having so much fun, they join him in “trying to climb” Mr. G.

The second goat quickly understands how to climb on the back of the sick horse, soon two young goats jump roll on his back.

The third goat cub is much smaller than the other two, unfortunately, he never seemed to be able to figure out how to connect his two friends. Poor little boy!

He’s trying to get under Mr. G, not on top of him.

Suddenly the two lively goats decide that the brown “mountain” is enough, they fly impressively from behind Mr. Guy.

All three little goats jump and jump, probably to see what else they can climb.

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