“I left my wife, leaving her all alone with two children, but only today I realized what a stupid thing I did…”


I ended up leaving my wife, leaving her alone with two children. Here’s how it all happened. When we got married, my wife was very beautiful and well-groomed. She attracted the attention of any man. But recently she was no longer the beautiful and attractive woman she used to be. As I looked at her, I wondered how such a beautiful woman could change so much.

My wife did not pay attention to her appearance in any way and only took care of the children. All of that made me want to leave her. I was paying alimony, but I was not seeing my children anymore… 5 years have passed since then.

I knew that my eldest son had already started going to school, and the younger one to kindergarten. Although a long time had passed, I still could not start a new life with another woman. One day, while walking on the street, I met my ex-wife. At that moment, I cannot describe the shock I experienced. She was so beautiful, more beautiful than when we first met. It was the moment that I realized what I had lost and what a big mistake I had made.

I behaved like a bastard, leaving her in such a difficult time… She didn’t even have time to look after her appearance because she was taking care of the children, cleaning the house, cooking… I regret everything and because of my stupid step I lost my wonderful life, my wife and children. Unfortunately, it’s true that we start appreciating when we lose everything…

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