Husband and wife have encountered unwanted puppies, they all want to be saved, but 1


Unwanted cubs are born all the time. When a pet owner does not think about sterilizing his dog, the result can be a devastating scenario. Fortunately, there are animal lovers out there who are willing to rush to the rescue of needy puppies if they are on time.

One such couple was vacationing in Sicily, writes ilovemydogsomuch

They often volunteered for rescue teams at home, but they were not ready to see the four abandoned cubs anywhere.

Three of the puppies were in terrible condition. They were weak and hungry. They had no energy to escape, so it was easy to catch them. But the fourth puppy was healthy bigger than the rest.

The couple, Britney Ryan, left food for the cubs. The three cubs ate happily, and then the couple picked them up and brought them to the car.

The fourth puppy, however, flew, not wanting to have anything to do with being saved. Britney and Ryan were still trying their best. They chased after him, then carefully hid and waited for him to approach.

Any tactic that has worked before has not worked with this puppy. It was getting dark, and the other three cubs needed care. The couple did, but they had to leave the fourth puppy and return to him when they could.

The three puppies were now in safe hands. Britney Ryan brought their RV with them. The pups were cold, so they covered them with towels, put hot water bottles under them, and kept them as warm as possible.

They were fed, and given tons of TLC. Two days later, the couple was rewarded with tail movements to improve their health. Britney Ryan was delighted. But, of course, one puppy was still there. And their mission was far from over.

The couple remained unmoved, returning to the site every two days. It was impossible to catch the puppy.

They tried everything they could imagine. The puppy was so scared that he hid in a thick brush. No matter what the couple tried, even approaching the brush, the puppy was able to slip under and run away again.

The other three puppies were blooming. With frequent feedings with great warmth ( love), the cubs were ready to go to the nearest shelter. Britney and Ryan were excited. They would certainly miss the cubs, but their eternal home was always the goal.

The shelter has assured them that many potential adopters are looking for cubs like them.

Now it was time to focus on the fourth puppy. So the couple went back. He was still so scared. He kept hiding in the bushes, then ran as fast as he could if they came too close to Britney and Ryan.

Eventually, the couple managed to get him into a bush that was a little smaller. They planned to divide the bush branch by branch while defending the perimeter. This may just work. But, of course, the puppy was smart and fast.

Britney and Ryan agreed. They had enough food and water for themselves, even in a tent. They would not have left without this dog. We have seen many deliveries, but we have never witnessed such determination and devotion.

This couple has gone higher and higher. To see what happens next and whether Britney Ryan was successful with the number four puppy, watch the video below.

We welcome anyone who selflessly helps animals.

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