How they live now the husband and five children, after their mother left them


Sergei faced a difficult test at the age of 33 when his wife left him. The man still held five children, the youngest of whom was just two years old at the time.

We are going to tell you a story today about a father with many children who did everything for his children and never let them down.

In an old, decaying house, the motherless family was left to live in a small room that was blocked by cabinets. Sergei took care of everything around the house, including washing, cooking, and lessons.

He also took over for the mother of the children, who was eventually denied parental rights. The single father’s story quickly made the news.

It turned out that there were no microwaves in the house to warm up the food, which was a luxury for the family, when journalists visited Sergey with treats and groceries.

Sergey was welcome to a television program to search for a lady of the hour for our legend.

Later, he met Daria, a pretty Estonian woman of 26 who was ready to move from her cozy outback apartment into a house without any restrictions.

But it didn’t work out because the man had to fix a falling house and get the kids back on their feet, and he didn’t have time to think about love.

Yet, inevitably, a 27-year-old young lady Yulia from the Moscow district looked into this story.

She was not at all frightened by difficulties, and despite not having her own children, she was able to easily communicate with Sergei’s children.

She is a stunning blonde beauty. Many people began sending money to this family after the program was released.

Sergei and Yulia eventually tied the knot, and in March 2018, their sixth child was born. We wish this wonderful family success and happiness!

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