How look now sisters Lisa and Eva Clemens: girls who were called the most beautiful twins.


Yaki Clements, a mother of twins from Los Angeles, transformed her little girls into a Web sensation after she set up an Instagram to represent them on their seventh birthday celebration.

The sisters’ appearance delighted Internet users. Ava and Lesa were named the world’s most beautiful twins. At the age of 7, the girls began their modeling career, which has continued to this day.

The existence of the Clements twins is followed on Instagram by 1.8 million supporters and youthful models who as of late turned 11 are effectively marking contracts with brands of kids’ clothing and style magazines.

Their mother actively promotes her children in the world of celebrities.

The lady was sentenced and keeps on being talked about online for denying the young ladies of experience growing up, yet Yaki in every case constantly answers a certain something:

“Are you familiar with my kids? No. I can assure you that Lisa and Ava are fine, and I appreciate your concern. They are content! They have a wonderful childhood filled with fun and friends.

The world’s most beautiful twins also have a 13-year-old older brother. Like his sisters, the boy is a model.

On the off chance that the Clements twins don’t lose their magnificence, they will have an extraordinary future in the style world.

Maybe we’ve already seen pictures of supermodels! Do you agree that the girls are truly stunning?

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