How lives the baby now, who was ridiculed as a child for her unusual appearance


Twenty years ago, a daughter was born into the Indian family of Rajesh and Hemaxi. Her name was Ganatra. She stood out significantly from the other children who were born in India.

The girl actually had greenish-blue eyes, red hair, and fair skin. Additionally, the girl’s face began to develop spots as early as the age of two.

The child’s parents took her to the doctor without knowing what was going on, but it turned out that she had normal freckles.

Because Ganatra had such an unusual appearance in India, she was constantly called ugly and ridiculed at school.

The girl was deeply hurt by the comments made by her peers, and in the end, she started to feel bad about herself.

It should be noted that the reason for the birth of such a child for the Mumbai native was a complete mystery to everyone.

The girl had a very difficult time overcoming her complexes, but thankfully she was successful. Ganatra has come to terms with who she is and is now quite self-assured.

She regrets that she was ashamed of herself for so long and was concerned about what other people thought.

Obviously, relatives and parents advised them to take a DNA test to prove their relationship, but Rajesh and Hemaxi are absolutely certain that this is their child, so they don’t need it.

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