Homeless Pitt Bull smiles at every person hoping that they’ll adopt him


Donnie spent two days alone, abandoned in a courtyard in New York, unsure of where to go.

The adorable puppy was aware that he had something to prove when he was finally rescued and brought to the Animal Care Center (ACC) in Brooklyn.

Donnie wanted everyone to know that he is nothing more than a massive mushball, despite what some might think about his 62-pound frame.

“Some of our biggest dogs also have the biggest and fuzziest babies!” The Dodo was informed by ACC volunteer Manisha Shah.

It’s so adorable and silly that they don’t realize how big they are or that most people probably fear them!

Donnie was initially a little anxious to be in a new location. He eventually began to warm up, though. He quickly began to smile at everyone who passed.

Shah stated, “He was a little on the frightful and nervous side when he came in, which is completely understandable.” However, when a dog like Donny trusts you, it feels extra special.

Shah created a video about Donnie to assist in his adoption from Boroughbred in Brooklyn, an Instagram account that advocates for dogs at Brooklyn ACC.

The caption to the post reads, “When I started petting this big mush-ball, he softly stood up and leaned in while thanking me with lots of kisses.”

Despite being affectionate and friendly pets, Pitbulls like Donnie frequently have a harder time finding homes.

According to TIME, dogs with the name “pitbull” typically have to wait three times as long for a new home at shelters as dogs of other breeds.

Donnie is currently adjusting to life in a home and living with a foster mother. This gentle giant will eventually find the family he has been seeking, a family that adores him in all 62 pounds.

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