“Here is the toy so he will always remember me”: Caring boy leaves his hopeless pup at a shelter so his father can’t beat it


Life can be both cruel and sweet at the same time, it cannot only have dark or light sides.And sometimes we are obliged to make such kind of decisions that may even br eak your heart.

The hero of today’s story is a 12 years old boy that had to make such a decision. The story began on ffedruary 13 when the shelter called Xollin found a wonderful puppy with a letter from a little boy.

The boy wrote in the letter and explained the situation that his dad was always beating the pup and was planning to sell it so he decided to act and save the litter’s life.

After this news went viral, everyone from the whole world was trying to do everything to help the pup. They donated money, were trying to find a proper adopter.

And the first thing that the shelter wanted to do was to check the babies health as his tail was really harmed. They had some more checkings to carry out and they needed mit to safe the pup.

At that time they found out that the boy’s name was Andres and that hw was from Mexico.

In the letter he explained all the situation ans said that he wanted to make sure that his dog was safe and sound so he decided to take him out of there.

With that letter the boy has put inside a fluffy toy so that the pup won’t forhet about him. Shelter decided to name the pup as Rene and they are now in searches of a new family for him.

They have lots of options as they have over 300 messages from people that want to adopt him.

The shelter also mentioned that they want people to adopt more animals not only in the case when they need us as there are bunch of people in this world that need our love and care.

Try to open your heart and help them. In that case we will have no abused or suffering animals in our surroundings and they would be happier, this world brighter.

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