Here are the video of a very private concert where dogs listen to their friend so attentively…


A private concert is taking place in the house, prepared only for dogs and parrots. Maybe people can just watch what they are doing from afar.

As you can see in the photo, two big dogs are carefully looking at the cockatoo, who was singing and entertaining his friends.

They have their heads down as if doing yoga. Many people say that this position means that the dog is quite interested in something and wants to approach.

And you can already guess that the dogs are very interested in the birds’ songs.

From their looks, you can understand how calm and happy they are.

The musical mastery of the bird is truly soothing. Now focus on their tails.

This is how the tail movements of these dogs were characterized.

One dog’s tail shows how attentive and alert it is, and the other shows its friendliness, which is sure not to threaten anyone.

The bird really enjoys this attention it gets from its friends who sings so professionally that even began to change tones during the song.

After watching this a lot of viewers started writing different stories offering their version of what happening during the concert .

Some joked that these three were planning to steal food and were discussing together how they would do it to make their plan succeed.

Others wrote that the bird is a great philosopher, to whom dogs listen with great attention.

Now we want to suggest that you also write your version about what you think first when you look at their sweet photo.

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