Here are the real-life characters from The Lion King who love to give each other a warm hug


You must have seen the wonderful movie The Lion King released by Disney.

As beautiful and beloved as the original is, its remake is as beloved and just as successful.

But what would you say if you know that the most famous heroes Mufasa and Simba still exist in real life?

A talented wildlife photographer managed to get a very ideal picture by noticing the warm embrace of a father and son.

Looking at the photo, it looks like an animated scene from a famous movie.

The scene was captured by Sabina Bernent, who lives in Paris. She was making a documentary at the time.

In the photos, you can see the gorgeous lion guarding its territory as usual, while one of its cubs sneaks up on its father and asks for a big hug.

The photographer noticed them by chance when she was taking photos for a children’s book.

What an adorable moment that turned out to be.

The father lion pretended not to notice the babies at first after which they started their games.

In contrast to its brutal strength and courage, the lion embraces the cub so tenderly that it simply touches the heart of anyone who sees them.

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