Her two sons behaved very badly in the school, so their mother decided to punish them in a very creative way


It is sometimes difficult for parents to decide how to punish their children because it is difficult to find a fair punishment that teashes the right lesson instead of being harsh.

In addition, you should also consider other people’s opinions. This story is about two brothers who behaved badly on the bus, so their mother came up with a very creative way to punish them.

However, of course, all people had different thoughts and opinions about this case. It was 2018 when a mother received a letter from the school where her sons were studying. It was about how the boys behaved and it wasn’t just about school, but how they behaved on the bus as well.

She was told that both of them had been very rude to the driver of the bus. When she read this, at first she could not believe that her sons were capable of such a thing. So she had to think of something to make them stop behaving like that.

She wanted them to learn that being rude was very bad, so they first had to understand what would happen if they continued to be rude.

They were about four and a half miles from the school. They had to understand what life would be like if they couldn’t go to school by bus.

The next day, she told her two sons that they should go to school on foot, the entire 7 kilometers. So she woke them up early so that they wouldn’t be late for school.

But that was not all. The mother also gave them a sign on which was written: “Because we were rude to the bus driver of our school, mom makess us go to school on foot.”

The mother also took a photo of them like that and posted it on her Facebook page, writing why she chose that particular punishment. Once there, the post received so many comments that it quickly went viral.

Seeing this, many parents and other people had nice things to say about the mother, saying that the punishment was a great idea and that the boys would surely learn from it and never do anything like that again.

However, there were also people who said bad things about the mother, noting that it was a cruel punishment. There were people who said it shouldn’t be posted online because it was a way to embarrass boys and not helpful.

Tina Gauth, the Children’s Aid Society’s community manager, noted that she didn’t’t know all the details of the situation, but it was still something to think about,

and putting up signs like that helps kids rethink and change their behavior by understanding the consequences.

But she also said that she didn’t like the idea of posting the photo on social networks as well. “Shaming children worries us, and in addition to helping children, it should also worry us adults.”

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