Heartwarming moment “fighting” Pit Bull gets new lease on life


When Betsy first came to the rescue with Victor Larkhill, she and her team were unsure if she would survive. Prior to his arrival, Betsy’s brutal owner forced Pit Bull to take part in dog fights.

But Betsy knew she had more to offer. A sweet dog at heart, Betsy wanted nothing more than to be loved, so she passed out and got a deserved second chance.

However, the journey was not easy. Betsy underwent eight surgeries and underwent rehabilitation therapy for months, but the flexible baby was diagnosed. He never lost hope by continuing to open up to those around him.

As he recovered, Bates continued to inspire those around him with his incredible kindness, forgiveness, and team that he was ready for adoption.

After undergoing the final round of medical testing, a loving family offered Betsy a wonderful, new home.

From the beginning, Betsy and her new family were perfectly comfortable.

At home, Betsy spends her days running on her big lawn, playing with her dogs, brothers and sisters in the nearby river. Finally, Betsy found a place where she could share all the love of her big heart.

Betsy’s story is a heartbreaking reminder that where a creature comes from does not necessarily dictate where their life leads.

Betsy probably started out as a fighting dog, but she found her place as a family pet.

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