Heartbroken rescue dog gives a piece of his mind to Alexa


I call on the authorities. This is emotional abuse. Turn it off, Alexa. He enrages Tyson.

Alexa, Amazon’s Virtual Assistant has an artificial intelligence voice, answers your simple questions with smart and factual answers. So the TikTok dog lover decided to have some fun with Alexa և and her dog Tyson.

Tyson has his own TikTok account and his mom posts videos of his fun responses.

One day Tyson’s owner decided to have fun with him and told Alexa to tell him that Tyson was a bad boy until he recorded his reaction.

Tyson was unhappy that he was being called a bad boy, so he screamed in anger at the robot.

The response to the video on social media was huge, with over 10 million views and thousands of comments from dog lovers.

TikTok fans insisted that Tyson’s mother should force Alexa to say, “Tyson is a good boy,” and he did.

However, the result was the same. Tyson answered. This dog is nervous about Alexa’s voice commands.
Do not worry Tyson.

We all know that you are a good boy.

Don’t worry Tyson. We all know you are a good boy.

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