He was expelled and left, but what happened was just unexpected


Our pets trust us to take care of them. As long as they give us so much joy, we need them to ensure stability, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Our job is to comfort them, take them to medical care, and make sure they are well-nourished and happy. Unfortunately, not all dog owners understand this concept. When the dog in this story upset his owner, he was thrown into the street.

The dog was sitting alone waiting for someone to notice him. So many people passed by him, they did not care so much to help. He was covered in plague and had lost most of his fur. He was so malnourished that it was difficult to sit up straight. He was weak and disoriented.

A kind woman finally saw the dog and called the local rescuer, who was rescuing the animals in his spare time. The rescuer ran. He took the dog and put it in his car. He wanted to keep her warm and well. Then they drove straight to the vet.

The veterinarian diagnosed the dog with plague as well as anaemia.

They were confident that he would recover soon, as long as he received proper care. The local rescuer promised to give her medicated baths, often high-calorie foods and medicines to solve her other problems.

It took a while, but with diligence, with great love, the former “street dog”, which was unwanted on the side of the road and left like garbage, fully recovered. Wait until you see what he looks like now in the video below. His fur grew again, thick and shiny. She is so happy now.

This story proves that there is no broken dog. Every animal deserves love. And giving up your pet is NEVER good. We are so grateful to every living rescuer there. Their work is extremely difficult. Let’s share this story in their honour.

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