He spent 9 years alone in a landfill after his master left him


The name Hope For Paws comes from a woman named Persephone Harrington who found an elderly stray dog in a landfill looking for shelter under a shipping container in a landfill.

The rescuers arrived and found out that he was lying under the container in the garbage.

After talking to the locals, the rescuers found out that the dog’s owner was deported 9 years ago, he just stayed. For two years he made a living on the street, asking where the owner was.

He hit her with a truck for a moment but did not receive any clinical attention, which led to her being thrown. eye

The people of the area fed him, but his desire is much more than that. This naughty puppy, now called Josephine Finn, wants to have a lovely home, especially when she is in her golden years.

Rescuers placed a light trap around Feni’s neck, waiting to see how he would react. Finn used to be very cute and nice, he came here right under the shipping container.

Once they bought the one who seemed closest to him, they assumed that he was a famous historical figure at the time, they found out that all his enamel had rotted and shattered.

They quickly transported her to CARES, where she eventually received appropriate clinical care, much-needed baths. Veterinarians diagnosed her with discospondylitis, an acute dental disease, and a urinary tract infection.

She had many breast tumors that are not unique to sterilized girls.
After the shower, Finn lay down on the couch with warm blankets.

He fell asleep quickly during his first happy sleep in 9 years.

L.A. Animal Rescue was donated to Guardian Feni for the comfort of his life. He spent many days walking, participating outside, playing in the snow, feeling real love for the first time in a long time.

Finn finally understood what each dog should be.

Five months after being rescued, Finn lay quietly by the fireplace and said goodbye.

Thanks to the woman who helped HFP rescuers, top veterinary staff, and LA Animal Rescue, Phoenix was able to find the last months of its life by replacing it with a delivery container in a landfill.

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