Guy calls for help when he sees someone fluffy and terrified on Highway Median


John Debacker knew he had to do everything in his power to save the cat that was stranded on a New York City highway.

Despite being more than half an hour away, the dedicated cat rescuer rushed over to assist. “At the point when I showed up, I really missed him right away,” Debacker told The Dodo. ”

I narrowly missed him. After that, I noticed him seated along the divider when I looked in the rearview mirror.

Debacker walked up the left lane to get as close to the cat as possible after pulling over a few feet ahead of him.
Debacker stated, “I didn’t want to have to go around twice and risk the cat running away.”

I was kind of waving at the cars to move over because they were coming at me so quickly. Debacker was aware that the cat must have been even more terrified than he was as cars drove by him.

Debacker’s suspicions were confirmed when the cat appeared immediately in front of him. Debacker stated, “He was pretty afraid.” He wasn’t even moving, and he wasn’t making any noise.”

The cat bolted as soon as Debacker returned to his car to retrieve a net. Debacker stated, “The cat was actually trying to run along the divider and try to get into the sewer.”

Fortunately, he didn’t fit, so I caught him right there.” Before the feline could get into any more shaky circumstances, Debacker got him and conveyed him to somewhere safe in his dependable net.

The cat initially refused to accompany Debacker, but eventually realized that he was safe. Debacker stated, “When I first got him, he was hissing and everything.”

However, once I brought him into my apartment, I discovered that he was the most adorable cat. Debacker looked in the local phone books to see if anyone had reported a cat missing, but he couldn’t find the cat’s family.

As a result, while his close friends assisted him in finding the cat a forever home, he placed the cat in foster care.

Debacker stated, “He went to my friend Kacia Caprariello’s, who fostered him for a few weeks.” Virginia Scudder, my other friend, assisted me in finding him a home.

The team eventually found the perfect forever home for the cat, who was officially named Bell. The cat is now healthy, spayed, and microchipped.

Debacker stated, “He’s now living a wonderful life, thankfully.” The outcome absolutely would not have been the same if he hadn’t been rescued.

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