Great news: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson could be rejoining on-screen


Can Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson venture once more into their jobs as Bella and Edward and go to Forks for Twilight Part 6?

Considering all things, not exactly — yet in the event that a chief who has worked with the two stars in the past gets everything he possibly wanted, we were able to watch the previous film couple rejoin on-screen.

In a new meeting, chief David, who just worked with Kristen on his new film, mentioned that he’d very much want to have Rob and Kristen cooperate once more. He lately worked with Rob on two projects. .

“It was Rob who really acquainted me with Kristen. They have grown perfectly, independently, as entertainers. Making arthouse motion pictures and effectively carting that away.

Kristen and I lived it up and Rob and I lived it up,” he told World of Reel. “As far as I might be concerned, no doubt, I can imagine a film, or thought, that would be perfect to have them both together.

I would rather not get into it since it wouldn’t be my next film, nonetheless, it very well may be dangerous since fans could expect a specific sort of relationship and that would hinder making new characters for them.”

The entertainers most likely would have zero desire to play another Edward and Bella-type of a couple, given the anarchy encompassing the first movies and the tumult it made in their own lives.

They’ve both got full bunch of tasks, however we’d lie on the off chance that we said we wouldn’t be keen on seeing the 2 on-screen together once again.

Both have shown their assorted acting talents in projects like Spencer and The Lighthouse, also the current year’s The Batman.

However, we should not let our imagination run wild for a prompt Robsten get-together. “It’s just hypothetical for the time being,” said Cronenberg. It’s all a chance, yet a solid chance!

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