Grandfather and grandson make a team and build a comfy log cabin


A timelapse video was recently produced by a highly skilled Alaskan citizen who goes by the online name “This Is My Alaska.”

The video features his helper grandson, Drox, building a log cabin in the snowy wilderness.

His son, Eric, wrote the music for the video clip titled “Timelapse,” and his friend, Tonja LaBuda, did an excellent job photographing the scene.

Over the past 50 years, the family has mostly lived in log cabins in Alaska. Since he was 10 years old, this talented man has been building log cabins.

Together with his father, he built an off-grid log cabin for their family. As a result, he continues to adore building log cabins and never hesitates to pursue his passion.

The video is a time-lapse sequence that shows the entire building process for a log cabin, from the beginning to the end. The man begins by removing the cabin base and snow from the area.

The man starts measuring the logs one by one as he builds walls, stairs, a door, and a few windows. He eventually calls for assistance to drill the ground and complete the plumbing work.

Additionally, he seeks assistance in laying the earthing pipes beneath the house. The bed, flooring, cabinets, and roof were all designed by the same person.

This hardworking architect does everything on his own. However, he is assisted in building the house by Drox, his adorable grandson and dog.

When experiences are shared, the beautiful bond that is formed by the family’s inspiring teamwork shines through.

The finished log cabin has all the modern amenities of a house and perfect lighting in every corner to complete the look.

The end product is a stunning masterpiece as well as a cozy cottage for the family to unwind in.

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