Fisherman spots a bald eagle swimming towards his boat and gives him a hand


Fishing has been a good source of income and recreation for those living near the lagoon or any other body of water.

It’s probably a great place to explore and meet interesting things you would not normally find elsewhere. Strange floating objects Unknown species of fish are just a few that you can find in the water.

One day in Nanus Bay, British Columbia, Canada, a fisherman spotted a floating creature near his fishing boat. At first, it just looks like a fish swimming in a bay.

The fisherman notices a bald eagle floating

However, the fisherman notices that it is swimming towards him. As it approached, he realized that it was not a fish but a bald eagle.

He hastily catches his net and flies to the bird to help him fly up. Unfortunately, the bird could not fly on its own; it needed immediate medical attention.

The fisherman had previously called an animal rescue specialist to help treat the eagle. He was brought to the nearest rehabilitation center to be properly checked and given the necessary medication.

It is not uncommon to see a bird floating on the water in a huge lagoon, which can be seen every day, especially for a fisherman. It only shows that water bodies are as mysterious as they seem.

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