Fearless 45-year-old woman wears 12,000 bees instead of clothes and shocks everybody on the internet


Sarah Mapelli Tink, 45, became an internet sensation thanks to her photos. The beauty surprised a lot of people. 12000 bees, not the clothes shown in the pictures.

What is the motivation behind Sarah’s actions? It seems strange and unsettling. Sarah believes that bees can heal wounds and live longer. Sarah received a remarkable amount of attention in 2001.

She asserts that she is able to profit from the unique energy that the bees produce. Sarah gets help from the bees to unwind and practice meditation.

Sarah has turned her everyday meditation sessions into a public performance. She dances in front of a crowd and applies an oil that attracts insects prior to each performance.

Sarah moves the dance to music in slick, slow motions. She claims to dance and meditate.

She is of the opinion that the one-of-a-kind energy is conveyed to each and every one of the spectators, and as a result, everyone walks away feeling uplifted and content.

Hundreds of people from all over the world have expressed an interest in seeing Sarah perform live on “Dance with the Bees.”

Because of how tightly the bees cling to Sarah, it appears as though she is not covering her upper body. This is regarded as art by many and has piqued their interest. It seems impossible.

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