Fascinating fashionista elephant steals tour guide’s hat and tries it on for size


Elephants have been famous for a ton of things: their long trunks, their flappy ears, their harsh skin, and their great sizes first off.

Yet, one elephant has procured himself another standing as a maturing fashionista subsequent to taking a local escort’s cap and giving it a shot.

Jabu, a bull elephant in Botswana, is bounty used to the local escorts who walk around the recreation area.

So when guide Chris Du Plessis came by 1 day, Jabu came to over with his trunk, got Du Plessis’ cap, and put it into his own brow while the dazed local escort watched.

The elephant demonstrated the cap for a couple of moments before deftly supplanting it on Du Plessis.

The gigantic creatures are plainly agreeable around the aides, who are seen petting them, taking care of them, and moving among them easily.

In other film from the savannah, a local escort guides 1 elephant not too far off by the end of its trunk. The elephant — this 1 without any assistants to flaunt — tranquilly obliges, strolling hand in trunk with his person companion.

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