Family Finds Moose With Her Twin Calves Spending Whole Day In Their Backyard


A man from Anchorage, Alaska, noticed his mom’s mouse her two calves in the yard of her house.

The man, Ryan Rindstrm, decided to document the scene, seeing that the cute animals had spent the whole day there because his mother loved the grass.

The man said that the animals spent from 9:00 to 19:00 in the yard of his house, they even got their lunch with the help of their mother.

Fortunately, Ryan was able to photograph the animals’ entire journey, uploading them online for us to see.

He said that the mother mouse likes to eat the owners of the flowering orange bush, the bleeding hearts, the astilbe, the owners of the trees, the orange begonias, and its yellow begonias.

He added that the mosquito family ran away from the yard when they saw another cow and that its calves were running in the yard. But, unfortunately, he could not catch them on video.

What a moment!

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