Every time the babysitter entered the house, the dog started behaving very aggressively… Here’s what they found out


The couple had been searching for a nanny for their newborn son for a long time.

Just when the Jordans thought they had finally found a very responsible person who would properly care for their baby while they were at work, something seemed to go wrong.

Their dog Killian was the only witness to the horrible things happening at home .

Every time the nanny entered the house, the dog started growling and behaving aggressively. He went and stood between her and the baby, thus trying to protect the child.

At first, the parents did not understand what was happening, but when everything became clear, they were simply shocked…

Finally, one day they realized that maybe they shouldn’t ignore Killian’s strange behavior, so they had an idea.

They decided to set up a hidden camera.

They wanted to find out what was going on in their house during their absence.

And what they discovered was just indescribable… The woman they trusted to take care of their child every day severely beat their son and that was exactly what their dog tried to warn them about.

She would beat the kid so hard that she could even kill or permanently cripple Finn.

After that the woman was jailed for 1 to 3years, after which she will remain on the abuse registry of children.

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