Every night after they close the bar, they allow homeless dogs to sleep inside


There are many cases when people often leave their pets not wanting to take care of them anymore.

Some are forced to continue their lives as wanderers, not knowing what awaits them.

Stray dogs can be seen in all countries of the world. Stray dogs are also plentiful in Greece, with more than 1million dogs roaming the streets, not knowing where their next meal or place to sleep will be.

But fortunately, some people are always ready to reach out for help when someone needs it.

There are also many organizations that are always ready to help animals. Among them is Hott Spott, which is a kind of place for poor animals.

This wonderful place is a regular cafe by day and feeds people, but at night it turns into a place that lets puppies sleep inside.

Every day after the bar closes, the dogs gather there and they let them sleep there peacefully.

One of the waiters said that they are just very happy and don’t have a problem with it.

Lesbos, this cafe, in addition to the problem of stray animals, also helps refugees. It is so wonderful.

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