Even having so many difficulties does not stop this dog from having the title of the happiest dog


Missing parts of his brain, a crooked nose and a huge bite.

It’s all about one sweet doggie whose smile though is always with him and that’s why everyone calls him the “happiest dog in the world” when they look at him.

Moose is only 3 years old who was born with several complications that only became apparent after he was 7months old.

Such difficulties sometimes force owners to abandon their pets because they want to avoid further difficulties.

However, Moose is quite lucky in that regard, as he has the most caring owner.

Not only did she not abandon her dog, but his outward features only made him more endearing for her.

Jennifer Osbourne simply adores her dog, always sharing adorable photos of her little pup, in which he’s always smiling.

His mother met Moose at the pet store. That was in 2016.

Though she had always been an advocate for adoption, she just couldn’t give Moose up and decided to take him with her that very day.

Veterinarians say his health condition is under control and will not affect the sweet boy’s quality of life.

Jennifer is very thankful that she met him at the store, who warms every day of her life with his wonderful smile.

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