During their trip to Greece the couple met the most wonderful creature, sweet little puppy


Maddie Kimberly turned out to have another guest at her rented house while she went on holiday to the Greek island of Crete.

There was a dog who was definitely having a great time there, running around and relaxing all day.

When Kim tried to approach him, it turned out that he was still a little shy, so she decided to wait a little until he felt safe.

So that step of her worked out and after some time it gave the desired result.

Soon the pup was feeling so good that she was even letting her hug him . It was definitely love at first sight.

However, the dog had certain problems and was infected with fleas and ticks. In addition, he did not have a collar, and according to his appearance, he is a stray doggie.

She took care of the dog together with her boyfriend, and he felt so calm there.

Day by day their bond grew stronger. As the days passed, their bond grew stronger and stronger.

They also took the boy to the vet. Kimberly tried everything to be allowed to adopt the dog and take it with her, but unfortunately it was not possible and she had to leave him at the vet.

It was painful for her to accept the truth that she could not bring her new friend back to England. They had become so attached to each other…

“I felt so depressed.” wrote Kim.She had been thinking about him and feeling sad for several weeks, but unfortunately there was no other option than to leave him there.

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