Doggie just went to give a huge hug to his daddy, when he was working under the car


There is something very special about this dog… The extremely friendly and devoted nature of dogs has no limits.

One of their smiles just melts everyone’s heart. People have been debating for many years whether their smile is a real smile, or they are just imitating it.

Also, when they stick out their tongues, it seems again that they are smiling widely and are very happy.

We may not know what the truth really is, but they always manage to entertain us.

And if their teeth are widely visible, it means that they are tense and in a fighting mood.

It happens to dogs when they start to feel a threats. So let’s come back to our story and introduce you our sweet boy.

In these pictures we see a smiling face leaning on his father who was working under the car.

Dad was working with a screwdriver or some kind of car fixing gun when suddenly his dog appeared, being determined to have a little fun with him.

The dog keeps interrupting him and that’s when the dog realizes that he doesn’t need to wait any longer and it’s time to kiss his father.

This is followed by licking, hugging and so on. It seems from his satisfied face that he doesn’t need anything else to be happier.

Dad’s shoulder is always perfect for resting or sleeping.

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