Dog Not A Fan Of The Unique Animal Hanging Out In The Driveway


James Clark and his dog, Starbuck, arrived at a friend’s house, not expecting to see another guest on the way.

But the unannounced visitor was not well received by Pooh.

And when Dad took the picture, the corner made the animal think it’s not something…

It was a mess, being in Alaska, this was not unusual. But the picture made it quite funny and people could not say what it was.

On the other hand, the dog was not interested at all, he just wanted him to leave.

Mozer soon got off the road and collided with the yard, moving to the neighbors’ yards…

Starback was now happy to be able to scare this big, weird dog, to protect his father and his friend.

In the end, they left some original photos and pretty good story.

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