Despite all the difficulties in his life, the deaf and blind dog has become a source of comfort for other animals in need


Despite all that Cherio went through, it didn’t change his kind personality.

In fact, quite the opposite happened, as the sweet pup became a source of comfort for other foster animals.

Cherio understands very well from his own experience how scary it seems at first to come to a new home.

Although he now has a very loving home, not everything has always been smooth sailing in his life.

The thing is that in addition to being deaf, he’s also partiallս blind, as a result of which it was quite a difficult to find a forever home for him.

He managed to live in 11 foster homes, even being adopted four times, but each time he was brought back.

Finally, luck smiled on him and he met Cheryl Smith, who was ready to love him as he was.

In addition to Sherio, Smith had other animals in need, but that didn’t stop her from adopting Sherio too.

The sweet dog was extremely happy that he would finally have his perfect family.

From that day on, he decided to do everything he could to help other animals in need.

He manages to make them feel loved and safe.

He always kisses them, trying to be a source of peace and comfort for them.

He takes such good care of those animals as after all, he has been in the same situation many times.

Smith recently brought home a sweet kittը named Tolly.

The little one was in dire need of care because it was sick and emaciated.

He would not have survived if Smith had not saved him.

Cherio, of course, took charge again, staying by the kitten’s side the entire time.

From his caring attitude, the cat became stronger day by day.

He felt so good that he even gave him a kiss as if to express his gratitude as love and friendship are definitely always appreciated.

Cherio is great at using his experiences to help others. His love and kind soul shine brighter day by day, improving the lives of everyone who meets him.

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