Daddy plays guitar hor his toddler twins and their dance reaction is just wonderful


When their father plays his own guitar composition titled “My Paradise,” which he wrote specifically for his daughters, the toddler twins begin to dance.

These are the same infants whose high-chair dancing to their father’s guitar in 2012 caused a stir on the internet.

Bravadere, a user on YouTube shared the adorable video of the identical 19-month-old twins dancing, writing, “This is a video of our identical twin girls still dancing to dad’s guitar at 19 months.”

How they come up with their own dance moves is truly amazing! According to his YouTube channel, the adorable twins’ father is an independent artist who enjoys writing, producing, and mixing music.

The song that I’m playing is an original that I wrote just for them. The twins transform the living room, where their fireplace is, into a dance floor in matching outfits, hairstyles, and, of course, a love of music.

The twins are elementary school age in the video, which was posted nearly seven years ago. However, we like to believe that they continue to jump and jam whenever their father picks up his guitar and starts playing.

These girls are the same youngsters who dominated the internet in 2012 by performing their specialty: swaying to the music.

The fact that the video highlights the uniqueness of the bond between twins: Just take a look at how they look at each other when the music starts as if asking, “Do you think what am I thinking?”

According to a study conducted by McMaster University, babies who are exposed to music are more likely to smile.

Compared to babies who do not hear music, these musical babies are easier to soothe when they cry.

Additionally, babies are more likely to investigate their surroundings when they are exposed to music more frequently. Music should be taught to young children by smart parents for all of these different reasons.

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