Dad sold his car to pay for education and his daughter surprised him by buying it back for him


We all want to be where we belong in life, but we also know that doing so can be very challenging at times. The majority of the time, we do so in order to have a career and know what we want to do with our lives.

But following that path isn’t always easy, and there are times when you have to give up things that are important to you.

Randy Martin from Daleville, Virginia, is well-versed in this lesson, and the story we wish to share with you is about him.

Martin felt called to religious life and the seminary in 1993. Martin could only sell his beloved 1936 Ford Sedan in order to pay for his education.

He had numerous positive car-related memories. He was devastated, and at the time, no one knew how much that car meant to him.

Stephanie Hamren, Martin’s daughter, says she will never forget the sorrow and pain on her father’s face when he talked about his car.

He really appreciated it so much. Martin never stopped reminiscing about his youth and the many happy times he had with his automobile.

He kept talking about it to his family and said that he wanted to find it again so that he could just look at it and think about all the good times he had there as a kid.

And this is when her daughter made the decision to go to any lengths to locate his father’s car. In 2014, halfway across the country in New Orleans, Hamren and her family finally located the vehicle after a prolonged search.

They purchased it and shipped it in safety. The next part is shown in the video below.

You can see how happy he is about it because he had no idea that would happen. Take in the good vibes while you watch.

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