Couple Flee Hotel Bill And Abandoned Their Skeletal Dog To Rot At The Room


This story is about a beautiful Dalmatian dog named Victoria, who was abandoned by his family and could not afford to live in a rented house.

The family ran away from the hotel bell, so no one knew that their dog was left.

Unfortunately, the dog ate his litter to survive. It was not long before he was left alone with his neighbor, who contacted the authorities.

Eventually, Victoria was taken to a medical clinic, where they found that she was too weak to survive for so long because she too was scared and exhausted.

Thus, the staff took him medication and intravenous fluids.

They also found that the dog was suffering from a tick-borne bacterial infection called erythema.

He is also given antibiotics because his platelets are very low. Nobody wanted to give up a poor puppy.

Unfortunately, the staff and veterinarians also find out that he also has a disease while recovering from erythema.

Despite spending ten days in the clinic, Victoria does not make that improvement.

But still, no one wanted to give him up.

Fortunately, the dog’s condition begins to stabilize after a month, but he can not stand independently because he is still too weak to do so.

They are also looking for potential adopters who will make her feel loved and safe at home, as it will make a big difference.

Fortunately, Victoria is adopted by Margarita, a kind woman who believes that many physical therapies, in addition to love and care, will help Victoria recover soon.

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