Cockatiel Has A Hilarious Rendition of ‘If You’re Happy And You Know It’ — Watch How She “Claps” Her Hands, Too Cute!


Cockatiel Sings If you’re lucky, you know you’re throwing it away. The adorable cocktail whistles a catchy song.

This adorable cocktail wants people to know how happy she is, which is better through song and dance.

Phoebe has the famous children’s song “If You’re Happy And You Know It” in her head, she can not stop singing the catchy melody.

He even changes the key and hits the table when it’s time to clap.

We know that parrots, cockatoos, and cockatoos can imitate us, but what is amazing is that he finds out his way of clapping his hands.

It shows that he had to think about how to make such a sound. Phoebe is not only a beautiful bird but also a smart bird.

What do you dislike about this beautiful pie?

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