Cher sparks rumours that she is engaged to her 36-year-old boyfriend with diamond ring picture


During the holiday season, this sentiment rings especially true because it is never too late to find love.

Cher’s recent appearance in the company of 36-year-old producer Alexander Edwardson, who is 40 years her junior, surprised her fans.

The couple’s relationship has progressed over time, and Cher recently posted a picture of a posh diamond ring on her personal blog, giving the impression that she was engaged.

The precious box is shown being held by the singer’s young boyfriend. With her caption, “I have no words,” Cher made it clear how significant the ring was.

The star’s fans were quick to post questions and congratulations in her comments, but Cher laughed it off, saying that she just posted the picture because of her boyfriend’s cool manicure.

The sparkling ring speaks for itself, despite the fact that the singer has not officially confirmed anything.

Cher deserves to be congratulated for receiving such a thoughtful gift from her loving lover, even if there isn’t a wedding in the end.

It just goes to show that happiness can be found at any age and that love can come at any age.

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