Caring Patrolman Rescues and Provides Loving Home for Severely Abused Dog


For more than eight years, Officer Rick Broz has been dedicated to animal protection in Lorraine, Ohio.

He has helped reunite hundreds of stray dogs with their families and advocate for stronger animal cruelty legislation.

He personally rescued the neglected and abused dogs, doheirs writes

One such dog was Herbie, a Pit Bull mix he found after receiving an anonymous police call. Here’s the story of Herbie, as it first appeared on DogHeirs in 2021!

He had never seen a dog so thin in his life, still alive. This is what patrolman Rick Broz (or Doctor, as Officer Broz’s friends call him) thought when he found a Pit Bull mixture lying on the ground outside an abandoned house and could barely move.

Lorraine, Ohio police received an anonymous call in September about an abandoned dog, and Officer Broz responded. He could hardly believe what he saw. The hungry dog was blind in one eye, with a broken skull and a swollen head due to an infection.

In his official police report, Officer Broz described his rescued dog.

“I noticed a light brown dog, probably a pit bull, lying in the grass. Every rib, vertebrae, and leg bone could be clearly seen under his skin.

I have never seen such a thin dog, still alive, during my career. This type of dog should weigh about 75 pounds or more, and this dog seems to weigh about 25 to 30 pounds.

The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. The swelling actually caused the dog’s eyelids to close. A yellowish-green purulent discharge was observed in both eyes. ”

Spa Broz took the dog to Lorain Animal Clinic. They named it Herbie and started an emergency treatment. Given his poor condition, they knew that the dog’s recovery would be “touch’s go”.

But within a few days, Herbie’s condition improved. The swelling of the head has decreased considerably, the appetite has slowly started to increase.

In a week and a half he had gained a little weight, he really enjoyed his travels outside, moving his tail like crazy every time he went out.

Shortly after Christmas, staff learned that Herbie had adenocarcinoma, a non-surgical, non-responsive cancer. It was sad news given the progress he had made in fighting weight loss and injuries. Dr. Woods’s staff said the clinic did not cause enough cancer to interfere with his quality of life.

“She is looking forward to her walks outside. “At this point in time, Herbie is happy, well fed, and most importantly, painless,” the clinic wrote on its website. But because of her cancer, Herbie will not be adopted.

Throughout her stay at the Herbie Clinic, Officer Broz was involved in Herbie’s progress, and the clinic staff said that Herbie had indeed contacted her rescuer. “He must have wrapped Officer Broz on his paw.”

Herbie now stays with Dr. Woods and his staff during the week, and on the weekends Herbie looks forward to his special trips home with Officer Broz. Every Friday, Herbie goes home with Officer Broz, where they spoil each other with love and attention.

Herbie has a Facebook group page where Officer Broz regularly posts updates about Herbie. During the last weekend excursion, Officer Broz wrote:

“The boys are back! Herbie returned to my house, resting comfortably in her bed. He seemed to know what was going on because he seemed excited when he realized I was there at the clinic.

I was told he was much more active in the last three days, so I guess my spoiler worked. He was quite restless on the way home in a Jeep, he kept getting up and “looking” around, as if “are we still smelly?”

At home he felt completely calm, went to where his newly washed bed was, and went inside.

to lie down It’s still a little early for him, but when he’s rested a little, I’ll take him down to the Cave of Man we’ll come back, have a drink, take a look at NASKAR… you know, boy. things”.

The couple competed in the Super Bowl together last weekend; they “caught” The Puppy Bowl. According to Spa Broz, while watching the cubs on TV, Herbie got “a little vocal” when the referee “called”.

Spa Broz says he will continue to provide a kind, loving home for Herbie, accepting her every day as she comes.

“We do not know how long he will live. Days to months? “As long as he is happy, painless, eats, does not lose weight, does not show that the cancer is affecting his brain, we will continue him.”

At the time of Herbie’s rescue, a reward of $ 11,000 was offered to the person (s) responsible for Herbie’s neglect. Herbie was found on December 1, 2021, in front of an abandoned house on 11th Avenue in Lorraine, Ohio.

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