Brave dog gets honors in Australia for rescuing over 100 koalas


We all know about the huge fires in Australia during last year. So a dog during that hard times saved over 100 koalas and received a gold medal for being so brave. The dog’s name is Bear.

Last month there was ceremony held in UK where Bear got the Internation Fund for Animal Welfare’s special award for all his efforts.

Bear helped everybody out last year, and now he works all year long to make sure that koalas were good and safe. Last year he did his best to save as many koalas as possible.

Bear loves working with koalas and helping them out. He does everything he can to help all of them who are in need of help.

Also Bear is always eager to give a hand in Detection Dogs for conservation other research efforts. Their team is now collecting and training new rescue canines.

Bear’s abilities of finding koalas is really chalanging for other dogs. As they are trying to find a new companion but none of them is yet able to be like Bear.

The fire that broke out in Australia in 19-21 was the worst seen as the governmet of Australia had a bunch of loses.

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