Being teenagers and madly in love they were not allowed to get married. After 22 years they found each other


Graham Richardson and Helen Marshall met and fell in love at school. Teenagers felt the first feelings, and nine months later, Graham proposed to his girlfriend.

To buy a diamond ring, the man worked weekends. When Graham’s best friend found out about his plans, he thought he was crazy because it was so expensive.

Helen accepted the proposal, but their parents disapproved of their plans to wed because they considered them to be too young. After a year, Graham left for school.

The lovers attempted to correspond, but their parents intercepted the letters, preventing them from reaching them. Graham called, but Helen was either not home or too busy to answer, so she was not asked to answer.

The relationship ended quickly. Graham and Helen both got married. Helen gave birth to four children with her partners, while Graham had two.

The former bride and groom only met for a short time at school events and never made eye contact.

Graham recalls, “I drove slower when I passed Helen to watch her hair flutter in the wind.” However, I was unable to converse with her, and it was exceptionally disturbing.”

Helen wrote to Graham abruptly on social media 20 years after their high school romance when already divorcing, she learned that her ex-lover’s marriage had also ended.

Sentiments erupted with recharged power, and Graham, at last, finished what he had begun at school – he wedded his adored.

While they were on vacation together in Croatia, he made the second proposal.

When Graham got down on one knee and wrote the words “I love you” in the sand, he gave Helen the same ring he had given her when she was 15 years old.

Once more, furthermore, she said, “Yes!” The modest ceremony only included the bride’s parents. Burgers and champagne were served as the newlyweds celebrated their wedding day.

“We are both halves of each other.” I finally feel like I belong here. “I’m in my place,” Helen declares. Graham believes that getting married to Helen is the ideal way to bring their love story to an end.

Even though he stopped dreaming about her, fate brought them back together. I’ve never been so happy, my friends. All of it is her!” declares Graham.

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