Baby Imogen Cuddles Up To Her New Mom And Our Hearts Are MELTING


When tragedy struck an animal sanctuary in Sydney, Australia, two park employees made the tough decision to become de facto parents.

And the home video clips are just to die for.

With the recent birth of baby Imogen to her elated mother Kelly, all seemed well in the koala house at The Symbio Wildlife Park. However, one new family was not so lucky.

Even while Imogen and Kelly were celebrating their newfound bond, baby Harry had just lost his mother within days after his birth.

With two babies and only one koala mom to be found, the park had to make a tough call.

Thankfully for these joeys, park employees Matt Radnidge and Kylie Elliot were more than happy to help.

As tiny Harry was paired with Kelly, these two took over caring for baby Imogen, and we just can’t believe what a happy family they make.

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