Baby girl dressed up as Red Riding Hood and her husky dressed as “Big Bad Wolf” are so adorable


This is Agata and her amazing canine that became famous on social media thanks to their wonderful costumes. They were celebrating Carnival in Italy.

This amazing couple was dressed as the classic characters of Little Red Riding Hood.

The cute baby girl was already wonderful with her amazing dress, but she became even more fairylike with her companion puppy, that was dressed like a wolf.

Actually it was dressed as a Big Bad Wolf that was disguising himself as a grandmother. They are just too sweet to seem real.

The dog’s name is Yanuk he was wrapped up in a purple shawl and the look was completed with reading glasses and a little bonet.

They were matching perfectly well and the doggie looked just the same as was in the story. Seemed as if they just went out from the story.

It’s no wonder that people were enchanted with this great couple as they were the cuttest fairytale characters ever. It’s obvious that they have a fascinating fellowship.

Agata is so lucky to grow up with such a amiable fellow by her side.

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