Baby Couldn’t Tell His Parents About Babysitter Abuse Nightmare – But Their Dog Could


A family dog saves a child from a babysitter

There is something unusual about a human-dog relationship. They are truly man’s best friends.

They are loyal, protective extremely intuitive. They have an unusual ability to judge a person’s true nature.

Very dedicated dog owners say: “If my dog does not love you, I do not love you.”

The laboratory, Killian, showed this mood perfectly. When Benjamin Hope Jordan moved to Charleston, South Carolina, the couple needed to find a babysitter for their young son, Finn.

They began to search carefully for the perfect device for their small family. Careful parents did all the relevant research and finally thought they had found the right person for the job.

The dog rescued the baby Everything seemed to be going well until about five months later. Benjamin Hope noticed that their dog’s attitude towards the nanny was starting to change.

Benjamin said. “It simply came to our notice then. At first, he stood between him and our son, and then gradually turned into aggression towards him. ”

In general, Killian was a very calm, friendly dog, so his aggressive behavior was completely unusual – he started to bother his parents. Their dog was trying to tell them that something was wrong.

Hope’s motherly intuition suspected that Killian’s behavior change was a warning, so Benjamin’s decided to hide the iPhone under the couch to allow it to be recorded when they were not there one day. Later that day, the couple listened to the recording for seven and a half hours and were shocked.

Ms. Jordan described what she heard on the recording as a “nightmare.”

Hope told what the recording revealed. “For seven and a half hours my son cried almost all the time. He was cursing her, calling her horrible names for no reason. He did not act; he did not cry until he was left alone in the crib for hours or, of course, physical violence. ”

“To know that for five months I handed my child over to the monster without knowing what was going on in my house that day.”

Charleston police arrested Khan a few weeks later, who had initially passed a Jordanian criminal record and confessed to the abuse.

On the recording, they heard that the babysitter was supposed to hit Finn; sounds that made them assume that the baby was also shaking.

The terrified parents immediately applied to the police. The nanny now faces 1-3 years in prison.

Benjamin and Hope are very grateful for Killian’s defensive instinct for connecting with their young son, Finn.

Who knows how far the violence could have gone if Killian had not warned them.

Mr. Jordan told Fox News: “He is a very personal dog, so for him to be aggressive towards someone is a sign that something is wrong because he never shows aggression.

“Just the simple behavior of her raising her hair, getting excited, worried about our son, was definitely enough to make us realize that she was trying to tell us something about this babysitter.”

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