At the age of 48 this woman married an Indian prince. How the couple live after 16 years


Maria is a well-known author, screenwriter, playwright, radio host, and publicist. Despite the failure of her first two marriages, she still found love: Maria wed an Indian prince 16 years ago.

During the production of a program about political issues in India, the woman met Shumit Datta Gupta. Shumit, a Bengali prince by birth who lost his status, was invited as a guest by Maria’s assistant.

Maria invites Shumit to her birthday to get to know him better and win him over. She knew that this was her man from the very first conversation.

He reciprocated by inviting the host on a date. The couple got married in 2005 after the relationship started to grow. The fact that Shumit is 10 years younger than his wife does not at all bother the couple.

Since Maria assumed leadership of the family, she can support herself financially.

The woman asserts that her husband is the one who provides the apartment with comfort, does the housework, and cooks delicious meals. Maria and Shumit Datta Gupta are extremely content in their 16-year marriage.

The woman asserts that support, mutual understanding, and respect for personal territory are more important to their wonderful relationship than romantic gestures or gifts.

She thinks that her husband is the ideal family man because he is very responsible, generous, and successful.

Maria doesn’t set goals for herself, doesn’t get help from beauticians, and doesn’t like to lose weight. However, she exudes confidence and harmony. The Indian prince probably fell in love with her for this.

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