As the longest resident of the shelter, Petey finally sleeps with a smile on his face because he now has the most caring family


Petey never forgets to wear his sweet smile that just warms everyone up.

Despite everything he’s had to go through, nothing can keep Pete’s spirit down.

The thing is that no one was applying to the shelter to adopt the pit bull, but they weren’t going to give up and were doing everything they could to find him a home.

It’s just unbelievable that they didn’t want to take this wonderful boy home.

The shelter stuff decided to turn to the SPCA for help and they happily agreed to take Pet.

Going there, he just couldn’t wait to meet people.

Then they decided to publish a photo of Petey, but they were worried that it would be useless because most of the time people prefer pups.

But happily it didn’t happen. Just a few weeks later, when this family, saw him once,they simply fell in love.

They immediately came after the dog and took him to his new home.

He felt very happy there and quickly adapted to his new home, where everyone just adores him. He also has a brother there, with whom they spend a wonderful time.

We are so happy that Petey finally got the life he really ​deserves. He has been dreaming about it so long…

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