As the four newborn kittens entered the house, the dog extended her helping paw to give them the care they needed


After noticing four newborn kittens on the street, Laura got up to help.

Not being able to find their mother, the volunteer decided to take them under her care.

She also had a sweet dog, Raylan, who knows how to take care of kittens in need.

So when mom came home with them, she extended her helping paw to her new kitten babies.  She greeted them with the warmest welcome possible.

The dog has been taking care of every kitten that comes through the door for years, and thanks to her, even the shyest little ones turn into the most lively kittens.

“Raylan was two years old when I met her and it turned out she was going to be euthanized,” said Laura.

Based on her life experience, Raylan seemed to feel that every little one needed her care and surrounded them with a thunderbolt of incredible love.

So it happened this time too and as soon as she saw the four newcomers, her parental instincts were activated again.

The sweet dog took care of them in such a way that the cats felt like they were on cloud nine.

She made sure to lick them after every meal, then let them lie on her belly and make themselves comfortable.

They accepted the dog as their mother cat and climbed on top of it to sleep.

Soon after the cats finished the foster care, Raylan found forever homes for them all.She was so happy for the babies.

Thanks to Raylan, they received a mothernal love and care and are now thriving in their forever homes.

A few weeks later, she brought home new kittens, and her beloved dog, as always, was ready to take them under her care.

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