As Simon gave her “X” for the previous time, she proved him wrong with her stunning performance…


They definitely didn’t expect Disney Princess Elsa’s breakthrough song because it’s quite difficult to sing…

When the girl came to the stage and started singing the song “Let It Go”, at first they did not even imagine what a fantastic performance was waiting for them. The song is quite famous and no doubt you all have heard it at least once and it has been very popular for several years now.

At the same time, the song is incredibly difficult to sing.  However, the girl sang so brilliantly and took such high notes that it will be difficult even for very experienced singers. It turned out that Simon had previously given the sixteen-year-old an ‘X’, but the other judges saw her through to the next round.

For the second time, Jodi chose this very popular Disney song.

Despite the doubts of many that she would succeed, Jodi simply shined on stage. Loud applause did not stop.

As for Simon, he was undoubtedly delighted and said that the X he gave for the first time definitely played a significant role in her already brilliant and flawless performance. According to Simon, Jodi should even be grateful to him for pushing that button, forcing her to go deeper and deeper…

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