Annabelle the newborn pit bull got so attached to her human daddy, that now thinks she is his daughter too


Annabelle, who is only three weeks old, absolutely loves her daddy.

The connection between them is such that you cannot really explain it in words.

Her family started taking care of her mother while she was still pregnant.

She came to the shelter a week before giving birth, so Annabelle’s human family welcomed the little one with great love.․․

After some time 12 pups were born, including Anabel and Norman.

At first, the foster family had absolutely no intention of keeping any of them, but they thought so until they fell in love.

When Annabelle first saw daddy, she became a daddy’s girl, and the others fell in love with Norman.

So they decided to adopt them both, giving them forever homes.

Dad just adores his “new” little daughter, saying she is the most beautiful girl with blue eyes.

They love to cuddle, showering each other with warm kisses.

Besides her dad, Annabelle also has a very special bond with Norman.

They noticed it when the dogs got a little bigger.

When Annabelle had to go to the vet for the first time, Norman was quite anxious and nervous.

He was waiting by the window all the time until her sister came home.

He was so excited when he finally came home and everything was fine with him.

Annabelle wasn’t that fond of interacting with people at first, but when her family took her on a trip, meeting many different people, she was doing fine, much to everyone’s surprise.

Annabelle and Norman like to play under the pool deck the most because everything is muddy there and they like it.

But of course dad doesn’t like it because no one likes to give dogs a muddy bath.

Even though he tries to block the entrance, they always find a way.

They look the happiest when they start playing, so dad doesn’t get too mad.

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