An inhuman person throws a little pupp in cold weather and writes “Free” on the box


Leaving a dog outside in cold weather can be a crime, and one state, in particular, is desperately begging the parents of pets, writing a page

Pets should not be forced to suffer in the icy cold outside.

Unfortunately, the circle became headlines after someone threw a puppy in the cold.

“At around 7 pm last night, when it was cold, this puppy was found on Oxford Avenue, north of Youngstown, in this age,” the dog guard shared on Facebook. “Someone wrote The police detained him last night. ”

Fortunately, after the police brought the puppy to a shelter, where he is now being examined, he is in quarantine. Rescuers want to make sure the dog is healthy enough before adopting it.

They usually keep the dog for five or six days before allowing him to leave the facility.

Authorities warn the general public that dogs and cats should be brought in when the weather is bad.

They encourage people to “do the right thing” because it is cruel to keep helpless animals outside, at least in extreme weather conditions.

According to the WKBN, Ohio law restricts the time that pets such as dogs, cats, or animals can be kept outdoors.

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