An elderly man who was fired after only 2 hours of work got $70,000 instead for his wife’s treatment. Here’s how…


David, who is already in his seventies, had served his country since he was 20 years old.

When he had already retired and wanted to enjoy his retirement, his wife, Rachel, was diagnosed with an unexpected illness and In addition to the fact that she needed immediate surgery, he also needed life-long treatment.

So it required a lot of money and David’s pension was not enough to cover all her medical expenses.

Therefore, David had to do something and he decided to work in a grocery store.

The manager immediately hired David after interviewing him, because it was clear that he was capable of working, and besides, he was a nice person.

David liked his new job a lot, and the customers liked him very much too, which made his work easier.

However, everything changed dramatically after he started working.

One of the employees said to him that the owner of the store, wanted to talk to him.

He followed David all the time and as soon as met the old man face to face asked to go his office.

So David was worried and thought he had done somethin wrong.

All the employees consoled him because they saw nothing wrong with him. They were sure things were going to be alright.

As soon as they met, he invited David to take a seat. “My manager said that he recruited you this morning, right?.

David answered. “Yes sir; It was 2 hours ago. If I did somethin wrong, I beg you, give me another chance. I need this job very much..

And Gregor told him that the problem was that he wasn’t qualified for that position and have to fire him. Hearing about that the old man was close to tears and even started begging to not fire him.

“I will accept any of your positions. I just need a jog, please”.

So Gregory asked him reason for that, as he noticed that the old man must be retired already and be at home.

So he told him, that Rachel , his wife was in the hospital and needed immediate surgery, so his pension wasn’t enough to pay for her treatment.

And there happened something that really shocked David. He couldn’t believe that Gregory could recognize him.

“Many years ago, when my father was serving in the army, he got into trouble.

During the fight, he was seriously injured, but the captain managed to save him and Sir, it was you,” Gregory told him.

“Are you the son of James Williamson”? David made a request.

“Yes sir. I was shocked to see you working in my store as had spent your entire life servin our country. That’s the reason I let you go”.

David could not believe what he heard. “Your father and I have made great military friends.

I never had a chance to meet his family so I didn’t know you were there.I missed him a lot.”

After that Gregory told him something that David could not stop crying.

Gregory went to the hospital with David the very next day to pay the $70000 in hospital bills, so that they could be able to enjoy their retirement in peace and be able to save some money from David’s monthly pension.

After that, Gregory and his family started visiting the couple very often and after some time became close to e ach other.

Gregory even started considering them as his 2nd parents taking care of them as his father would have wanted…

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