An adorable baby girl does her best to convince her furry friend to take a bath after playing


It was such a sweet moment to see a little girl convince her huge dog to take a bath.

The point is that after playing in the yard for a long time, Phil is very tired when he comes home.

So he decided to sneak into հիս little sister’s room and sleep.

Of course, he knew very well that his mother would not like that idea, because his paws are full of dirt, and his fluffy fur is completely wet and dirty.

So when she comes to take him for a bath, he is obviously not too happy about it.

Since mom and dad couldn’t convince him, they turn to their daughter, Amelia, because she knows her best friend best.

By then an adorable conversation had already begun as the little girl came over and politely told her friend that he really needed a hot bath, than she begins to gently kiss him. Finally, after all their efforts, Phil finally made his way to the bathroom.

Of course, little Amelia does not leave him alone there either also helping him wash his fur.

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