Amazing story. The brave turtle scared the two lions who came to the pond to drink water


Lions are large predators, but it turns out that there are animals that are not afraid of them, and can scare them.

Recently, a video was spread on the Internet, where a little turtle drove two lions out of their territory.

Barreto, a guide to the Malamala Private Game Reserve, could see how some lions were terrified by a little turtle.

Two adult lions came to drink water, but the animals did not expect to meet such a brave turtle. The tortoise began to mock the two predators.

The little animal did not like this visit and did not give up.

Reggy thinks that they, the lions, were not interested in the turtle. The fact is that the family of predators just ate a zebra. There was a little blood on their faces.

The smell of blood attracted a small but very irritating turtle to the lion։.

The full story is here.

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